You’ve just had an MOT and the car passed with flying colours. It isn’t until you start driving a week or so later that you feel vibrations. Your first thought might be to ignore it since the car didn’t show any issues at the MOT centre. But before you drive on, here are three possible reasons for the vibration which might surprise you…

1. Steering

The last thing you think about when you drive is the drive shaft. This vital part of the car helps controls the steering, making the transition of movement between the steering wheel and the wheels. A drive shaft can fail and older cars are more at risk of a drive shaft failing. Typically, vibrations aren’t felt in the steering wheel but in the footwell of the car with vibrations worsening over time. Speeds above 20mph are normally enough to feel the effects of a failed drive shaft. It’s vital to keep journeys short and get the part replaced quickly as the car’s steering will eventually fail. A failed drive shaft at high speed can be catastrophic.

2. Brakes

We use our brakes all of the time. We rarely think brakes can be a reason for vibration, but incorrectly fitted brakes or trapped road debris between the calliper and the wheel can cause slight shaking. This vibration is noticeable at speeds over 30mph. A mechanic can quickly free the debris from the brakes without too much trouble.

3. Parts

Loose parts like the engine mounts could also be the cause of vibration. The role of the engine mount keeps the car’s engine fixed to the frame. As with any other part, the engine mount can wear down. Usually, the car will be noisier, and the vibrations will be on the extreme side. Problems which can be caused by the engine mount include damages to other parts of the car, from wearing of tyres to the gearbox (some parts are located near the engine mount).

The next time you feel a vibration make sure you book into a garage for car repair work. Something as small as a worn part can end up being costly and can put you and other road users at risk.

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