You could get yourself a TV package with a few bundles of sports or movies included for £90 per month. Or you could drive away in a brand new car that is if you can put down a fair deposit.

Car ownership may sound expensive but if you’re looking for basic, no-frills transportation, then there are still plenty of options that will cost you no more than a weekly takeaway price per month. More than a dozen new vehicles are available for under £ 10,000-well before any extra savings. Based on their official list prices, we’ve listed the cheapest 10, but new car discounts will help slash costs and selecting a financing package will make it even more affordable instead.

Brand new cars usually require some form of compromise in this low-end price range-particularly when it comes to specification. For certain cases, you would have to pay extra for air conditioning, Bluetooth and even remote central locking. It is also worth noting that all the cars listed below are powered by petrol engines, which are usually best suited to those who do lower mileages rather than those who plan to trawl up and down the motorway throughout the day, every day. 

Here’s a list of best budget cars 2020.

1. Dacia Sandero

Dacia Sandero list price from £6,995

The Dacia Sandero seems like an eminently fair choice for a brand new Ford Fiesta-sized car at £6,995, even though you’re going to have to do without some basic things on most other models-including a radio and air conditioning. You would also need to wind the windows in front of you and back yourself because there are no automatic windows. 

It may be a rock-bottom price for a brand new car, but most drivers will probably find it too far a compromise, particularly when £6,995 will normally buy you a year-old Hyundai i10 or Fiat Panda, both of which come considerably better equipped and look more luxurious and stylish.

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2. Dacia Logan MCV

Dacia Logan MCV list price from £8,495

The Dacia Sandero may be the cheapest car in Britain, but it is the Logan that is arguably the best value. The Dacia estate car has a 573-litre boot with the rear seats up, which is almost as wide as the one on the Volkswagen Golf estate-with the cheapest golf being two and a half times more expensive than the standard logan. Fold the seats down, and more than double Logan’s boot capacity. 

The interior on the front is nearly identical to the Sandero, including its spartan specification (here is no radio either in the cheapest model here). So you will be looking objectively at the £9,495 Logan Essential or going for a used Logan Ambiance, all of which offer a wireless radio.

3. Skoda Citigo 3dr

Skoda Citigo list price from £8,890

Skoda has made some slight improvements to the Citigo but the cheapest one still just benefits from some slight changes in design. That’s not a bad thing, because since it first went on sale in 2013 the car has got the fundamentals right. 

Its mechanical parts were tightly clutched under the bonnet, leaving space inside for four adults to get comfortable. It’s even more stable and comfortable on the road than the Hyundai i10, with a nimble feel which makes driving fun.

4. MG3

MG3 list price from £9,495

No new car costing less than £9,000 is as enjoyable to drive as the MG3, which bounces enthusiastically on rural roads from one corner to another. You’ll have to put up with a firm, bumpy ride and a lacking performance engine, though, so many buyers will be better off choosing a cheap used hot hatchback.

 Standard equipment is also quite basic at the entry-level, £9,495 MG3 Explore, which lacks Bluetooth, air conditioning and remote central locking-but has electric windows at the front and rear.

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5. Toyota Aygo

Toyota Aygo list price from £9,825

Under the rubber, Toyota’s Aygo is essentially the same as the Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108 (below), but it’s only a fraction cheaper and also comes with a five-year warranty, compared to the other two’s three years.

However, it also isn’t as much value as the cheapest Hyundai i10, which comes with five doors. The basic Aygo X has only three and if you want two doors for rear-seat passengers you will need to pay more.

The Aygo lacks Bluetooth, air conditioning and alloy wheels at this size, but has front-electric windows with USB and aux-in capabilities, and remote central locking.

6. Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10 list price from £9,900

The key here is not that Hyundai made a cheap little car, but the fact that it’s made one of the best you can buy-for an extremely low price.

The i10 will hold four adults who will be reasonably relaxed for short trips, and it is stable at higher speeds, and when you pass lorries you do not feel like you’re going to be thrown across the carriageway.

Air conditioning and Bluetooth are absent from the cheapest model in S trim, but it does come with a radio, automatic windows and a five-year, unlimited mileage warranty.

7. Kia Picanto

Kia Picanto list price from £10,045

Each Kia Picanto comes with a 7-year warranty. And if you keep it for so long without thinking about big bills of maintenance-the list price works out at just £1,389 a year, which is a fantastic deal. In fact, a fair amount would likely still be worth it, which will further will the cost.

Fuel costs shouldn’t be massive either, as the engines are relatively cost-effective-that said, the cheapest 1-litre engine isn’t especially powerful, so you’ll need to rev it to make quick progress, which reduces fuel efficiency.

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8. Volkswagen Up

VW Up list price from £10,140

The little Up shares its mechanical parts with other city cars; the Seat Mii and the Skoda Citigo, in this case. That means the other two have a generous space, comfortable ride and solid feel. This would probably be a better choice than any of the other cars on this list for buyers who are looking for compact dimensions, decent rear space and excellent build quality too.

The car has the regular steel wheels at the lowest price point (not the alloy wheels pictured above), driver’s seat height adjustment, Isofix child-seat mounts, automatic front windows and a one-piece folding back seat. Cheapest is the three-door car; five-door versions launch at £10,225.

9. Citroen C1

Citroen C1 list price £10,470

The Citroen C1 is the second member of the Peugeot 108 tech-sharing family and Toyota Aygo, and it comes in at £645 more than the Aygo, yet £1,795 less than the 108. This is a big difference if you take the relative similarities between the three into account.

In fact, the only thing that separates these two, and the only potential explanation for the price disparity, is the equipment available at the entry-level with the newer 108 which includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

10. Peugeot 108

Peugeot 108 list price £12,265

The Peugeot 108 shares the same mechanical parts as the Citroen C1 and Toyota Aygo above, but is much more expensive as it has been revised more recently. 

Certain variations in the warranty process come in. The 108 comes with a three-year warranty instead of the five years of the Aygo available, but both cars have a similar standard of equipment including front electric windows and a USB port. Each one of the cheapest versions comes with three doors-five-door models cost more.

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